3D Modeling

Use of the computer makes it possible to optimize even the most complex ideas, to create the 3D model of the jewel, to produce technical drawings for analysis and communication, to preview the object through the rendering process, and to create prototypes, models and dies, before passing on to use of the traditional processing techniques.
This software can be used to achieve the flexibility and precision required for the realization of any type of jewelry design: from traditional to modern and innovative, both simple and complex, also permitting the creation of any type of decoration.
Depending on the type of design process chosen, the software can also be customized. There are libraries of precious stones and other accessories to choose from. The potential of the software can be exploited to make wedding rings and other rings, channels for setting, collets and pavé, quickly and accurately.
Computer-aided 3D jewelry modelling is an excellent tool to supplement the traditional techniques of representation (freehand technical drawing) and the traditional jewelry techniques, in order to be able to develop projects from the design phase through the development stage and up to actual production.
The aim of this course is to train professionals with an adequate degree of competence in jewelry design and in the modelling of complex forms, so as to boost their chances of satisfactory integration in the professional world.
The courses are organized by ascending level of specialization and by argument, so as to satisfy all types of training requirement, perfectly tailored to the needs of each individual pupil.


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