Institutional Objectives

1.      Make available learning that recognizes individual distinctions and esteems the right of persons to search for accomplishment of learning needs.

2.      Present up to date set of courses, instructional substances, and gear to educate knowledge, abilities, and outlooks suitable to industry requirements.

3.      Provide an educational environment that promote knowledge and supply secure, vigorous surroundings obtainable and available to all students who can gain from the course.

4.      Supply educational teaching that holds up effective knowledge within the curriculum and that will improve specialized presentation on the job.

5.      Grant employment abilities that support work approaches and work customs that will allow graduates of the course to execute as flourishing employees.

6.      Offer learning that promotes growth of constructive security routines.

7.      Offer information to the public concerning the program that will make easy staffing and conscription of students.

8.      Endorse high-quality community relations using associates and habitual contact with business, industry, and the public division.

Provide an enlightening ambiance that endorses a constructive character and a sense of individual happiness.